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Lakers Colors and Golden-y Toilets Along the Wilshire Corridor

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Most of the condos along the Wilshire Corridor are generic boxes, it's true. But once in a while someone comes along with his own personal touch to elevate his boring four walls out of the morass of the mundane. This isn't the first time we've seen the Lakers provide design inspiration, but we have to admire the dedication to a theme. Even the fridge is purple. There is also a golden-colored throne in the bathroom. Not just the toilet seat cover - but the entire fixture. At least it matches the gold-plated towel rack, moldings, and roman (?) bath rug. The unit is currently for sale for $974,900, after selling last July for $930,976 (down from its 2005 sales price of $1.3 million).
· 10560 Wilshire #1003 Los Angeles, CA 90024 [Redfin]