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Temporary Home Awaits You in Nichols Canyon

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Spotted on the List of Craig this week: a three-bedroom two-bath home in Nichols Canyon. There is, however, a catch: this pad is a Showhomes property. If you're not familiar with the name, Showhomes is a home-staging company whose version of staging translates to "having someone live in your house while it's on the market." People who live in Showhomes aren't called tenants—they're "Home Managers." In exchange for paying less-than-market rent, Home Managers agree to supply "fine furniture and accessories that meets [Showhomes'] quality standards," always keep the property in "show-to-sell condition," and of course, vacate the premises on short notice. So, if you're a non-smoking, non-pet-owning, commitment-phobic drifter or a well-heeled squatter, this could be your (temporary) dream house. According to the ad, the house is 2,194 square feet and features a formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, fireplace, koi pond, and more. All for a mere $2,800 per month.--Pauline O'Connor