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Beverly Hills Paper Goes After Everyone Else Over School Coverage

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After apparently forcing the New York Times to run a correction on its Beverly Hills school district story (206 students, not 470, will lose access to Beverly Hills schools), the Beverly Hills Courier has turned a beady eye on the Los Angeles Times for its school district coverage (the Times also printed the wrong number). It gets vicious. Excerpts:

"The city of Los Angeles is a mess that no amount of money seems to be able to fix. You still print a newspaper, founded on a tradition of municipal integrity. You have an endless number of subjects to cover. So, what is worth seven (7!) major articles and continuous blog posts during the last week or so? Beverly Hills. Of course. You’ve been taking shots at us because you cannot fix your own house....Where is their outrage about their own district? Where is their outrage about how their own children are cheated daily by the incompetence, crime and waste which infects their own system? And who is it who is complaining? Not the poor Angelenos. Not the minorities. Not the downtrodden...

And more from the Courier: "And did we “kick them out?” No. Not renewing an annual permit is not “kicking out” anyone. “Annual” means “every year.” Maybe part of the problem is that survivors (graduates?) of their own school district cannot read a dictionary." Then the Courier goes on to accuse Times editors and publishers of not even living in Los Angeles. "Where have most of their publishers and senior editors lived the last 25 years? Answer: San Marino and La Canada Flintridge, currently ranked the #1 and #2 public school districts in California. Not Los Angeles."
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