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The Tango's Only 39 Inches Wide and Clooney's Got One

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This is what Los Angeles traffic can do to a person: make him crazy enough to invent a 39 inch wide electric car that goes from 0 to 100 mph in 12 seconds. Jalopnik drove the very skinny Tango at this month's Detroit Auto Show and called the experience, "Terrifying and exhausting." The car was invented by Rick Woodbury, a former sales manager at a Porsche dealership in Beverly Hills, who while driving in LA, "wondered if [he] could make an automobile that was narrow enough to slide between lanes." As we all have at one point or another. The Tango has two tandem seats, two doors, two cupholders, and two electric motors. Its batteries are under the floorboards, which "ballasts the car like a keel of a sailboat," according to FOX Business. The car's body is made out of carbon fiber and Kevlar, and it has a roll cage, so it's totally safe probably. So far there are only 11 Tangos, including George Clooney's, which you may have seen around town, but Woodbury's looking for more capital. [Image via Electrifying Times]
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