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Grand Ave Meeting, McClendon Story Needs Update

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DOWNTOWN: The last time City Councilwoman Jan Perry talked about the status of downtown's Grand Ave, Frank Gehry's delayed mixed-use project, she hinted that there may be a change in plans for the project given developer Related Co's financing problems. So our ears perked up when Perry mentioned the project at today's Current Affairs Forum luncheon, held at the Wilshire Grand Hotel. Sure seems like Perry still wants Related. "One of the most chilling experiences for me has been to see a project like Grand Avenue, a project of great magnitude and great potential impact, in a holding pattern because of the global credit markets," Perry told the audience. "And until [the market] turns around, you won't see a lot of activity associated with Grand Avenue, other than the park..." Meanwhile, everyone will only have to wait till next week for an update on Grand Ave. After two canceled meetings to discuss the state of the development, the Grand Ave joint powers authority is finally holding a meeting on the project this Monday. Hopefully all will be revealed. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Was a report issued? A reader would like a follow-up. He writes: "Wendy Watanabe’s investigation of the allegations of the fired County Planner, Bruce McClendon is now a year old. There have not been any details released and the public should know what happened in this embarrassing bit of events for the LA County Supervisors." Relive the story here. According to this June 2009 story, "McClendon is now awaiting the outcome of an investigation the Auditor-Controller's Office is conducting into his allegations. He's also contacted attorneys to explore the possibility of filing a whistle-blower retaliation lawsuit against the county." [Curbed InBox]