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Duners Will Be Limited in Manhattan Beach

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The Manhattan Beach City Council voted this morning to limit use of the sand dune at Sand Dune Park reports the Daily Breeze. While avid exercisers---a group who called themselves Duners---fought to keep the giant sand mound open, the council, worried about the thousands of people that regularly use the hill, chose a so-called compromise decision, one in which'll they'll seek a way to "re-purpose" the dune, according to the Breeze. "There will likely be some landscaping of the 100-foot dune to both curb sand erosion and deter people from walking straight up the incline." Unless we're reading this wrong, it's sounds like there's some sort of fancy reservation system the city is considering. Press 2 to reserve a time slot to visit the dune. "Other council members said they want to explore more ways to keep the park open, including a proposed reservation system that would limit the number of people using the dune. Ultimately, though, all the council members agreed they had not yet found an answer."
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