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LOHA Big Blue Bus Stops On Their Way to Santa Monica Curbs*

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* An updated rendering was swapped in
While the final design isn't completely hammered out, the Santa Monica City Council approved this Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects' Big Blue Bus stop shelter concept last night. There was some debate over the pylon word mark background (as you can see, they went for bubbles rather than a solid), but overall the Council liked the designs. O'Herlihy, who was at the meeting but didn't speak, told the Santa Monica Daily Press, "It's rethinking the convention of what bus shelters generally are like." All stops will get a new kiosk with a shade canopy; higher volume stops will have more canopies, seating, and lighting, and some will have real-time arrival information. The bus company is hoping to start construction by the end of the year, and updates to all the Santa Monica stops are expected to take three to five years, depending on funding. The SMDP reports the stops will cost about $7 million, with 65% of that coming from federal grants. They also report potential fare increases are in the works for the Big Blue Bus--standard local fares could go up to $1.25 or $1.50, senior fares could increase to 60 or 75 cents, and student rates could go up to 75 cents. Both the new stops and the fare increases will be discussed at community meetings that start tonight.
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