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Santa Monica's Shotgun House Gets Permanent Home

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House, postcard of Ocean Park shotgun houses via Friends of the Shotgun House
After years of being moved from place to place, the last remaining "shotgun house" in Santa Monica has finally found a permanent home near the Ocean Park Library, reports the Santa Monica Daily Press. "The shotgun house — so named because a blast fired through the front door would travel through each of its three rooms and directly out the back door — was the last remaining structure of its kind in Santa Monica, officials with the conservancy said. Quickly constructed shotgun houses once lined the shores of Ocean Park in the late 1880s and early 1990s, providing visitors with another option aside from sleeping in tents or expensive hotels." Once it moves to Second Street and Norman Place, the structure will serve as a resource center on shotgun homes. The Friends of the Shotgun House have more.
· Lease signed for historic shotgun house [SMDP]