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Architect David Denton's Virtual (and Real) Mixed-Use for Cairo

Los Angeles-based architect David Denton, a former principal in Frank Gehry's firm, is known as DB Bailey in the virtual world of Second Life. That's where he made the conceptual design for an enormous mixed-use project that includes a shopping center, hotel, and office space, currently under construction in Cairo, Egypt. The Second Life blog New World Notes says it's "almost certainly the most expensive, ambitious real world project using Second Life as a platform." Denton tells the blog about presenting the design to the tycoon funding the project: "I showed him no drawings, no plans, no elevations, just walked him through here [virtually] and explained it to him." He did have to eventually convert the Second Life design into AutoCAD, which he did with the help of two Egyptian architects. Denton, who is in the early stages of Parkinson's, has a whole gallery of Second Life work at his website. There's also a case study of the project here.
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