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MaDang the Courtyard: LA's Best Mini-Mall Yet?

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Ma Dang the Couryard, that curiously-designed Koreatown mini-mall on Western Avenue will officially open on May 1st, according to leasing agent Edward Kim. The project, located right across from Solair, has been under construction since at least 2007. According to Kim, the delays are due to construction problems, not financing issues. "The contractors weren't capable of doing this size of construction," he said. "That contributed to the delays, along with some permit issues." Two restaurants--the excellently-named School Food and Beer Halle--are currently operating in the front section of the mall, while you can meet the giant stone and inspect the layout of the back portion of the mall. A staggering number of stores--45 in all--are planned, as is a movie theater and a Bann restaurant. We stopped in over the weekend and liked the utter wackiness of the design. Ma Dang, we'll take you over the Bev Center any day.
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Ma Dang the Courtyard

Wilshire and Western, Los Angeles, CA