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Midtown Crossing Gets a Sign, More Squatter Questions

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MID-TOWN: While locals patiently wait for the second phase of their promised Midtown Crossing mall to arrive, CIM Group has put up a new sign, a vertical sign that arrived last fall, according to a rep for the developer. And like Koreatown's Solair project, Midtown Crossing is waiting on the city's new sign ordinance, so it's a bug look for that billboard holder. [Curbed Staff]

KOREATOWN: One person shares, and then everyone has a story. Call it the "Oprah" effect. Following City Councilman Alarcon's tales of squatting, a reader writes in: "There is a stretch on Leeward in Koreatown, 4 houses in a row, that are empty and boarded up. They are filled with squatters and the yars and sidwalk around them have trash and broken glass and all sorts of fun yucky stuff. It's basically neighborhood blight with the added fun that sometimes one of the squatters will chase you/hassle you on the sidewalk if you walk past. Is there a specific place to go with this complaint? The LAPD or what? What are you options?" [Curbed InBox]