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A Public Transit Option to the New Football Stadium?

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A recent editorial in the Pasadena Star-News advocates for a planned eastside extension of the Gold Line (the second eastside extension) that would push the light-rail close to San Bernardino County. The paper says two alternatives currently being studied, and the two most favored, should both be built—one route would would veer south in Montebello and travel to Whittier. The other would follow a right of way along the 60 freeway: "the biggest potential for a weekend trip generator [on this line] would be the possible extension to Ed Roski's Industry NFL stadium in the hills near the junction of the 57 and 60 freeways." Currently, there's a Metrolink stop in Industry close to the proposed stadium, but considering that many games occur on Sundays and that the Metrolink line that serves Industry is weekday-only, there would be no way to the stadium save for a packed freeway (oh, and on this line, Metrolink trains don't run at night, so forget about getting back to LA for Monday games). Point being, it's looking like extending the Gold Line along the 60 might be the only way to get trains to a new stadium.
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