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Old Plans for 405 at Arbor Vitae Back From the Abyss

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For more than thirty years, officials (first Los Angeles World Airports, then Caltrans) have been thinking about adding an interchange on the 405 at Arbor Vitae Street. A full interchange was scheduled for construction in 1984 and a half interchange plan was supposed to be built in 2002. Now Caltrans is giving it yet another go--they're trying to win over locals for a south-half interchange project that would start construction in Spring 2013. The plan is to add a southbound on-ramp from Arbor Vitae and a northbound off-ramp to Arbor Vitae, both spanning roughly between Arbor Vitae and Century Boulevard to the south. They'll also widen the Arbor Vitae overpass and replace the northbound Century Boulevard collector structure. The new interchange could be a very good thing for the planned Hollywood Park development, which would have direct access from the 405 off of the new off-ramp. Not as good a thing for some locals--according to the Daily Breeze, Caltrans will have to take nine houses and two businesses in the way of the project. The paper also reports the project has $53 million in funding, and the interchange's Draft Environmental Assessment/Initial Study says Caltrans will need $37 million more. There will be a public hearing for the freeway project tomorrow in Inglewood.
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