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Pasadena Just Happy Not To Have More Abandoned Sites

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Judging from the city's reaction to the stalled 33-unit Catania condominium project at St. John Avenue and Green Street, Pasadena has a pretty good attitude in terms of dealing with abandoned projects. For the recent Rose Bowl Parade, the city put up a big tarp to cover the six-story hulking construction site, while Planning and Development Director Richard Bruckner points out Pasadena could have a lot more of these stalled projects, according to the Pasadena Star News. Via the paper: "When you look at a lot of other cities out there, we're in much better shape," said Bruckner. "I consider us fortunate." (Neighbors seem more upset about the site.) Construction stopped on the project after local developer JSM Construction ran into money problems, according to the paper. JSM also ran into money problems on North Hollywood's NoHo 14 and we all know what happened there. Meanwhile, this Pasadena project is currently in receivership. Via Pasadena Star-News
· Abandoned midway through construction, condo project now an `eyesore' in Pasadena, officials say [PSN]