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Mid-Century In Mt. Washington

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Welcome to this version of "New To Market," our look at a listing with a reader vote. Consider this an unscientific way to take the buying pulse of a wary public. Feedback and nominees to the tipline, please.

This 1960 two-bedroom, one-and-three-quarter bath in Mt. Washington is both way below its 2005 sales price, and completely in line with neighborhood comps. Does that mean the end is nigh? Will it tear a hole in the space-time continuum? Should we start saddling up the four horsemen? Despite these signs, the listing agent still can't avoid realtor hyperbole, so maybe all is right with the world after all: "Come home to all that's marvelous about pure 60's mid-century design." The house sits on a hilltop, and includes the original kitchen and baths (which look sorely in need of a little TLC), terraced gardens that "invite quiet contemplation or intimate gatherings under the stars enhanced by the song of fountain and pond" and a double detached garage. The house sits on an enormous lot: 10,490 square feet. It last sold in July 2005 for $834,000. Today's asking price: $559,000 or $415 per square foot. Listing is here.

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