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Visine Needed For Termite-Infested Eyesore

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Things are supposed to be pretty in Venice, goshdarnit. This reader wants to take action against a lazy neighbor (who may or may not be holding women in a basement well). Can you offer guidance?

"I live in Venice and (somewhat) recently purchased a house on what is a very nice street. All the houses except my neighbors are very well kept. In fact my neighbor doesn't really live there. From what I understand, he built the house over thirty-years ago and hasn't put a dime into it since. The house reminds me of Buffalo Bill's from Silence of the Lambs to be honest. The house is infested with termites, there is mold growing in the windows, and a family of badgers living under the house. When I first moved in I noticed a lot of termites swarming. The owner refused to do anything, but did tell me he hated spending money. I offered to subsidize his termite treatment and he still refused (note: The owner is a crotchety old man who doesn't live there. He visits every few weekends. To do what, I don't know!).
What can I do? None of the people at the departments of Health and Safety want to get involved? What are my rights? All the other neighbors surrounding him feel the same way."
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