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Two New LACMA Structures Are Definitely Not Starchitecture

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[Images via Unframed]

LACMA's Unframed blog introduced us this week to two new additions to the campus. The shade structure seen above left is on Sixth Street, and it's a halfway house for palm trees on their way from a dark greenhouse in Orange County to the bright open light of the Resnick Pavilion. The mesh exterior will be changed out to let in more and more light over time.

The little shack in the central courtyard is the "Hermit's Cabin," part of sound artist Emily Lacy's Temples of the Mind show. Lacy describes it as "a tiny space for people to come in, one to two people at a time, and we’ll just have an experience where I sing for them." The show also uses the spiraling Pavilion for Japanese Art, as explained by blogger Scott Tennent: "As you walk from one tokonoma [landing] to the next, each of the different elements of sound dominate or recede in your ears. In one area the disparate sounds are cacophonous; in another, totally musical; still elsewhere it feels like more than music—it’s something more immersive than mere melody and rhythm...I felt more like I was 'mixing' than 'conducting'—but it was another great experience of sound and architecture coming together to make something altogether different." Check it out yourself Thursdays through Sundays the rest of the month.
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