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Questionable Priorities: City Cracks Down on Newsstands

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Eastsider LA reports that Armando Cerrutte's well-known Echo Park Newsstand at the corner of Sunset Blvd and Echo Park Ave. shuttered last month after the "city began a survey of newsstands, forcing those owners who failed to carry the required insurance or meet other city codes to close. " The blog rounds up the codes the city uses to enforce newsstands, noting that free standing boxes can't be more than five-feet high, for instance, and at least six feet of sidewalk is required between the newsstand and parkway or curb. Additionally, there are rules regarding insurance, and in Cerrutte's case, he couldn't swing the $650 annual insurance. (The irony here is that over at Echo Park Lake, illegal swapmeets continue to go down). Meanwhile, this story follows a LA Weekly story published last year that looked at the death of newsstands in LA, but that article seemed to indicate that newsstands were dying off because the business model is not longer viable.
· City Takes a Stand in Echo Park Newsstands [Eastsider LA]