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Drama at Fairfax Theatre Is Nothing New

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The Los Angeles Times' Bob Pool heads over to the Fairfax Theatre (yes, it's spelled Theatre), reporting on efforts to save the Fairfax Ave. and Beverly Blvd building from going condo. The latest: A member of Hollywood Heritage may nominate it for cultural-historic landmark status. (Side note: This is City Councilman Paul Koretz's district. So far, the politician has been pro-Century Plaza and pro-Wetherly project, so won't everyone be curious to see how he comes down on the issue of this building. Whatcha say, Koretz?) Meanwhile, Pool points out the theater has suffered from a string of bad luck over the years, starting with a robbery in 1930. More history: "A half-dozen years later, burglars were so common that the theater's owners took to leaving a fake safe in their office to fool intruders. One angry thief who spent hours prying open the safe one night in 1937, only to find it empty, took revenge by looting a theater storeroom of 60 lightbulbs, cartons of cigarettes from the lobby snack bar and postage stamps from the office." There was also an arrest following an on-stage nude scene in 1969. But as Pool points out in his story, some of those against the renovation agree architect Howard Lak's proposed design looks pretty good. But is that also just because the billboards, signs, and awnings have been removed?
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