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"Private Wing" In Laurel Canyon Home

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If you have the Unabomber's affinity for a little mountain hideaway, but are also a fan of bawdy and busty 1930's blondes, then this might be the home you're looking for. A "private wing" in a home in Laurel Canyon, the studio has its own entrance and a private bathroom with a tub. The listing notes the "sink tub & toilet are from the Mae West estate and are pink as are the tiles." There's also a bathroom skylight, a walk in closet, a 8' x 4' loft for a mattress or storage, but there's no kitchen. However, there is an organic garden, and prospective tenants "can use a grill or hot plate & get a small refrigerator." All utilities are included and according to the listing, worth about $350 per month including "gas, water, electricity, high speed internet, cable TV with all premium movie channels, free washer and dryer and gardening." Monthly rent: $995.
· $995 NATURE LOVER – Private Wing of Craftsman Style home [Craigslist]