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Fitness Zones Launched to Encourage Rampant Public Exercising in South LA

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With the snack wars already raging in South LA, the Trust for Public Land is coming at obesity from another angle (and aiming for something closer to Exercise Wars). Councilmember Jan Perry is dedicating the first of six TPL-created Fitness Zones in her district today. The free outdoor gyms, all in public parks around South Central and Central Alameda, include six to eight pieces of all-weather equipment that the TPL says are "appropriate for teenagers (thirteen and older) and adults of all fitness levels" (plus they look kind of fun). They were funded by grants from the Community Redevelopment Agency and Kaiser Permanente. In a press release, Perry cited an LA County Department of Public Health statistic that 37.8% of adults in the area around South Park (the park) are obese. The new Fitness Zones are at the Gilbert Lindsay Recreation Center, the 48th Street Park, the Fred Roberts Recreation Center, the Slauson Recreation Center, the South Park Recreation Center, and the Trinity Recreation Center. Here's a map of all the Fitness Zones in the county. [Image via Trust for Public Land]
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