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Gold Line Station Facelift II: Fillmore

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If some parts of the Gold Line to Pasadena are picturesque and inviting, others are bleak and ear-shattering. Metro is currently trying to address the bleakness--they recently added a clocktower, and solar-powered canopy shades are coming, to the Lake station. Now, Pasadena blogger Brigham Yen informs us of nips and tucks for the popular Fillmore station: "The asphalt-paved cul-de-sac that is next to the station will be transformed into a pedestrian plaza that will give the area next to the station a nice upgrade from its current less-than-glamorous state." The plaza will have new lights, bike racks, seating, an information kiosk, and a pathway that should more fluidly connect the station with Raymond Avenue. A Metro rep said construction should have began this week, but it looked untouched. Regardless, Yen believes the project should be done by April. [Images via Brigham Yen]

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