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Where in LA Does Councilmember Richard Alarcon Live?

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The LA Times reports that the County district attorney is investigating where exactly District 7 Councilmember Richard Alarcon lives. He's registered to vote at 1950s tract house in Panorama City owned by his wife, Flora Montes de Oca. That house is in his district, and that's where he insists he resides. But a warrant was also served at a house his wife owns in Sun Valley, in District 2 (he says her son lives there). The DA's office says they got a complaint that Alarcon is not living in his district, and a rep tells the LAT that a politician can be charged with a felony for registering to vote at a house he doesn't live in. But that's not all! In 2007, Alarcon wanted to redraw the council district boundaries so that the Sun Valley house would be in the Seventh. He also told the LAT that his wife wanted to develop townhouses on the Panorama City property and he "introduced a measure to reclassify the street, a move that would have spared Montes de Oca from having to forfeit 2,840 square feet of her lot to the city." He dropped that measure shortly after the LAT ran a story on it. Meanwhile, Alarcon is the guy pushing to make that questionable-sounding switcharoo deal with the billboard companies. (Pictured: the Panorama City house--Google Street View isn't very current, so no judgments on the lawn, people.)
· D.A. searches two homes in investigation of L.A. councilman's district residency [Updated] [LAT]