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333 Wilton Place Renting, Waiting Out the Economy

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This 12-unit building at 333 Wilton Place debuted in late 2008, but the project, located in a neighborhood between Hancock Park and Koreatown, had a tough time selling and shortly after hitting the market, this gal went rental. Developed by local firm L3 Properties and designed by Davis Studio Architecture + Design, the building was advertising one of its rentals last weekend--asking prices are $2,300-$3,500--but that available unit has since been snapped up. According to the leasing agent for the project, renters will have an option to purchase the unit next year, when the developers plan to re-market the units as condos. As so we all hunker down for the 2011 condo rush. Woo-heee.
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333 Wilton Place

333 Wilton Place