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Hollywood Studios Live On, Fancy in Downey

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HOLLYWOOD: Who said all the studios are fleeing Hollywood, pushed out by residential megatowers? A reader alerts everyone that production studio Siren Studios is adding a four story, 20,000 sq. ft. boutique studio--there's even a rooftop bar--to its existing space at Sunset and Gower. Completion is anticipated by the summer of 2010 and a tiny rendering is here (scroll down to Siren Studios). [Curbed Staff]

DOWNEY: A reader complains about the lack of Downey love by the blogs. Fair enough. "You always show homes in fancy schmancy neighborhoods, yet when will Downey get some love? Well, try this REO on for size - yes, at $1.4M, a steal at under $225 per foot for this tasteless gem, plunked right down on Lexington Avenue in Downey. Who knew?!" Listing is here. Watch the music. [Curbed InBox]