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Beverly Hills Tells Out-of-Town Students to Scram

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A battle that highlighted Los Angeles Unified School District's own education problems, Beverly Hills voted last night to kick out 470 out-of-town out of its own school system. Previously, the state received $6,239 per child from the state to educate the students, but state budget cuts mean the burden of paying for the kids falls on Beverly Hills and its residents. Students in grades K-8 will have to leave, but high school students will be able to finish out their four years. According to the AP, at least one local family is talking about moving to Beverly Hills. "My dad's starting to pack up boxes around the house," one student tells the AP. And while one education expert says the board members are "taking action to protect their own," board members voiced unhappiness about the decision. Via the AP: "The human consequences are more important to me than the financial consequences," said board member Myra Lurie. "It's a mean-spirited and somewhat elitist point of view than our schools are for us and us only."
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