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CRA Ditching Cool Part of Downtown, Heading to Boondocks

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Despite rumblings that perhaps they'd stay, the Community Redevelopment Agency, the city agency that partners with developers, will indeed pack up and move from their 354 Spring Street headquarters to a City West building, according to the Los Angeles Times. The long-proposed move essentially cost CRA head Cecilia Estolano--who threw a fit about being relocated--her job. And to that end, the Times publishes more emails that show just how unhappy CRA officials were about the planned move. Via the Times: "As far back as a year ago, [CRA COO] Wasserman questioned Deputy Mayor Robert “Bud” Ovrom’s motives for seeking to have the redevelopment agency share space with the Community Development Department, another city agency that works out of the Garland Building. In that Jan. 30 e-mail, Wasserman voiced fears that the move would give Ovrom an excuse to have the redevelopment agency cover the costs of other city departments already in the Garland building.

“This makes me sick,” he wrote to Estolano. “He needs to explain why he thinks it would help the mayor’s economic development efforts to have me share the men’s room in our new offices with Richard Benbow and Robert Sainz” -- a reference to the top two executives at the Community Development Department." Urinal sharing aside, downtown purists don't consider City West to even be in the "real" downtown, so we can totally understand why Cecilia had a tantrum over the move. We'd quit, too. Garland Building image via Blogdowntown

· L.A. agency moves to building at center of dispute between Villaraigosa and former official [LA Times]