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Bette Davis' Former Home In Hollywood

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This 1920 three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath house is intriguing. Parts of it are beautiful, other parts baffling. The listing markets it as an "emotional light-filled & newly renovated 1920’s classic beauty" with a large living room, hardwood floors, Carrera marble in the kitchen, a fireplace and French doors. There's also a pool and guesthouse that has been converted into a professional sound studio. It was also once the home of Better Davis, according to the listing. The most disturbing room is the master bedroom. The en suite bath looks pretty good, but the bedroom itself - well, let's just say that's a whole lotta look. We're not anti-wallpaper. Some of our best friends have wallpaper. We just wish it was used a bit more...judiciously. The house was last sold in 2004 for $1.195 million. Today's asking price: $1.749 million.
· 1518 Courtney Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046 [Redfin]

1518 Courtney Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046