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Extra Stop at Dorsey High Added to Expo Line?

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Dana Gabbard of the Southern California Transit Advocates alerted us to message board chatter, and backed up by official documents, that indicate the under-construction Expo Line may attempt to find a solution to the contentious crossing at Farmdale Avenue, near Dorsey High School, by adding a rail stop there. Over concern for student safety and at the urging of activists like Damien Goodmon, the California Public Utilities Commission previously ordered safety measures be taken, including adding a stop there, or the construction of a pedestrian bridge at Farmdale and closure of the street to vehicular traffic. In a CPUC letter from last month, it looks like Expo is going with the former option: "[Expo Construction Authority CEO Richard] Thorpe explained that Expo Authority and the Los Angeles Unified School District have reached an agreement in principle on a solution for the Farmdale crossing that would be based on the option of an at-grade crossing with a station at Farmdale Avenue." Sounds like the deal may not be yet for public consumption--Gabriela Collins, a spokeswoman for Expo, writes in an email to Curbed that, "As part of the CPUC process we are continuing discussions with LAUSD and other parties and will let you know if any agreement is reached." The Phase I line--from downtown to Culver City--is supposed to open next year or 2012. [Farmdale stop image via Expo Authority]
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