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Olympic Blvd's Araphoe Plaza All Ready for You

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Arapahoe Plaza at 991 S. Arapahoe St (right at Olympic Blvd, on the edge of Koreatown) has been under-construction since the beginning of time, but now the 45-unit condominium project is actually selling condominiums. We're suspicious of how long this project has taken to finish (here's how it looked in October 2008), but let's move on and not assume the worst. Sample pricing includes a 1,376 square foot two-bedroom, two-bath for $389,000, while a 1,749 square foot three-bedroom is asking $555,000. The real estate agent's web site for the project touts the following: "These condos are available with 2 or 3 bedrooms/2 to 2.5 bathroom configurations. Most units have patios with balconies with spectacular views of downtown. The location is within walking distance of shops, restaurants and services. We have exclusive SPECIAL FINANCING PACKAGES with 3.5% and 10% down payments. Check the flyer for more info. Why rent when you can own a home for $1800 a month?"
· 991 South ARAPAHOE St #305 [Redfin]
· 991 South ARAPAHOE St #403 [Redfin]

arapahoe plaza

991 South ARAPAHOE Street, los angeles