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Park Your Heart Out (Soon) at Hollywood and Vine

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The Beverly Press reports that construction has finally begun on the 457-space parking garage on Vine just below Hollywood, a project that's been in the works for several years now. And in a nod to pedestrianism, the structure will include 2,600 square feet of ground floor retail below its five levels of parking. The project is going to cost about $16.5 million, less than originally thought, but it took the City Council until this past November to approve the financing, which will come from the Special Parking Revenue Fund. That fund is fed by parking meters and fees in the district (13). PGAL is the project architect, and construction is scheduled to take about 18 months. The finished garage will have what the Beverly Press calls "an automated, self-cleaning public restroom." For everyone's sake, lets hope that's more Jetsons than Demon Seed.
· Project Will Bring More Parking to Hollywood [Beverly Press]