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Brakes Put On Big Westside Power Line Project

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A proposed Department of Water and Power (DWP) project that would add 12-miles of underground power cables from El Segundo to West LA will now have to undergo an environmental impact report, according to Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who pushed for it. There's concern about how far the 230,000-volt cables are set back from homes and schools, and "that DWP was rushing a project without sufficient concern for the impact on local residents, and without sufficient study of the potential impact of electromagnetic fields generated by the power lines." The Scattergood-Olympic project (it'll connect El Segundo's Scattergood generating station [pictured] with a receiving station on Olympic) was intended to start in April and take two years to complete. According to a December Daily Breeze story regarding residents calling for the EIR, "The DWP insists the new line is critical to maintaining power for the Westside in the event of a disruption to the existing line, which was installed in 1973."
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