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No Pants Metro Ride 2010 a Success, Pisses Off Sponge Bob

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[Images via No Pants 2K10]

Did you notice that fewer people than usual were wearing pants in the Metro yesterday? It was the No Pants Metro Ride 2010, a GuerilLA organized spin-off of the long-running New York event. Yes, it's way easier to ride pantsless in 70 degree weather than it is in 30 degree weather, but getting a mass of people to ride the Metro at all, even with pants, constitutes an impressive public stunt. The pantsless hoards boarded the 2:22 pm westbound Red Line between Union Station and Metro Center, and rode to Hollywood and Highland for a big, pantsless celebration.

Eighties sitcom actress Justine Bateman wrote about her pantsless ride on her blog:

I ro[d]e the escalator pantless down to the platform and to my relief, there was a man standing there in a suit, reading the paper, computer bag slung over his shoulder, sans pants...We had a great car. The suit guy was in there, still reading his paper and across from me was a guy standing in his underwear, shirt, and backpack, munching on an apple. We were all stoic and non-reactive of the situation. We all got out at the Hollywood/Highland station and after an announcement by Agent A [of GuerilLA] and much applause (I guess there were about 300 of us) we walked a bit to the Mann’s Chinese Theater and took a group picture. My favorite reactions of the whole day were the ones from the people dressed as Movie Stars and Film Characters that stand before the Chinese Theater and charge for people to take pictures with them...These people seemed to be seething that we were taking focus from them.

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