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Wilshire Blvd's RFK Park Gets a Delivery, Jefferson @ Hollywood Reveal

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WILSHIRE BOULEVARD: We've been giving Los Angeles Unified District School District grief for how long they've taken to complete the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial pocket park promised for a stretch of Wilshire Blvd (in front of the new high school), but now there's some real action in the form of what looks to be a Saran-wrapped sculpture. We know there's a plaque coming, so perhaps this is it. [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD: A reader writes in that there's a full reveal underway for developer JPI's new Jefferson@Hollywood apartment project on Highland Avenue. Early reviews aren't particularly encouraging. Reader writes: "Scaffolding is coming off. Couldn't take a photo: but DAAAAMN is that ugly." We'll await final judgment. [Curbed InBox]