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Preservation Pwnage: Whose Rehab Reigns Supreme?

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Last week we mentioned writer David Hay's takedown of the restoration job done by a subsequent owner of Neutra's Bonnet House, arguing that his own restoration was the more authentic one. So we figured what better way to decide this than a side-by-side comparison. On the left, the Bonnet House as it stands today, and on the right, the Bonnet House when David Hay owned it. It seems the major difference is color and landscaping. There is also an aluminum window in the in-law unit in the Hay-era, which was later removed and replaced with wood vertical slats (which actually does look closer to the original design).

Again, on the left is Bonnet today (according to recent listing photos) and on the right Bonnet in the Hay-owned era. The major difference is again color, as well as furniture and decor. There doesn't seem to be any structural changes post-Hay. We do know the current owner removed the illegal kitchen that was added to the in-law unit and was not part of Neutra's original design. So, whose version was more "authentic"?

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