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Glendale, Michael Jackson and Tourism Dollars

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Americana at Brand, terrible drivers, Michael Jackson? It feels slightly ghoulish to raise the question, but the San Fernando Valley Business Journal ponders whether or not Forest Lawn Memorial Park will draw Michael Jackson fans to Glendale, and ultimately provide any economic boom to the city. The short answer is: No one knows. While the city is apparently tactfully "backing off doing any promotion of the memorial park and Jackson’s burial there," the paper quotes Bruce Ackerman, head of the Valley Economic Alliance: "I think the fact that Michael Jackson is buried there could draw people that wouldn’t be coming here for any other reason than to visit his grave.” But some tourism experts disagree, saying visitors will be discouraged given Forest Lawn's tight privacy rules that bar anyone from getting near Jackson's resting place in the Great Mausoleum. Via the paper: "'There may be a curiosity factor and people might try to go there, but they won’t be able to go anywhere near (the Great Mausoleum),' said [Scott] Michaels, who operates Dearly Departed Tours, which escorts tourists to famous L.A. death sites."
· Will Jackson Tourism Dollars Be As Easy as A-B-C? [SFVBJ]