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PriceChopper: An Architect Reveal and Million Dollar Chops in Brentwood

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When we first mentioned this Brentwood six bedroom, nine bathroom house, a commenter wrote, "You know, I can see how this house borrows liberally from Ray Kappe's Sultan Residence of 1976." Goodish eye, commenter: a reader recently tipped us that Kappe was actually the architect, and listing agent Kurt Rappaport confirmed that the house was originally designed by Kappe in the early 90s.

The owner has since remodeled, which we guess is why the listing says the house is "just completed," and doesn't mention any starchitects or SCI-Arc founders who might have been involved with the property. According to Department of Building and Safety records, the remodel covered all three floors and included the kitchen and bathrooms.

The house last sold in April 2007 for $8.5 million (it was sold by real estate investor Jeff Greene, who is thought to be the first individual to trade credit default swaps--you probably don't want to be buying a house from that guy, especially in early 2007). It was listed again in October 2008 at $21.5 million. After two three million dollar chops and a two million dollar chop, the house has been chopped one million more, and is now asking $12.95 million.
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