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Will Wilshire Ever Be Traversable?

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While it's great news that the Purple Line extension is swiftly advancing, its first extension to Fairfax most likely won't open for at least five years. So there was hope that a planned bus-only lane on the boulevard would ease traffic for crosstown transit riders (and possibly drivers). Well, hold on a sec, reports Streetsblog. Now, a full environmental impact report is being required, one that won't be ready until the summer. On top of that, it seems many Westside homeowners don't like the idea of a bus-only lane on Wilshire—public outreach done in 2008 found both strong support and strong opposition to the project. "At the very least [the lane] now faces more obstacles to overcome than it did in 2008. In addition to needing a green light from an environmental standpoint, the project will need to survive another alternatives analysis and another round of public outreach in some areas where a bus only lane instead of street parking is a scary proposition to local residents." [Streetsblog]