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LAPD Headquarters Tour Continues: Meet the Fabulous Plants

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[ Marla Aufmuth ]

Downtown dwellers, you have real estate developer Tom Gilmore to thank for much of the landscaping here. According to Councilwoman Jan Perry, Gilmore (as well as other influential citizens) made numerous suggestions on the landscape component of the new LAPD headquarters, asking for the inclusion of a water feature and shaded areas. Designed by landscape architecture firm Meléndrez, the landscaping features drought tolerant plants, all chosen to provide a wider color spectrum depending on the season. The north end of the building features a tiered terrace while the south end of the complex has a large, flat lawn (for events, protests, etc) with seating. There will also be additional outdoor seating at the forthcoming restaurant, to be called LA Reflections, which will be open for dinner and on weekends. City Engineer Gary Moore tells us the building aimed for a LEED Silver certification, but they expect to receive a gold rating due to the xeriscaping gardens.
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Los Angeles City Hall

200 North Spring Street, , CA 90012