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CurbedWire: Horses in Koreatown, Gatsby Hollywood Sales Check

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KOREATOWN: Via the InBox, word of activity at Wilshire and Vermont, site of that planned and now dead vertical mall. A reader writes: "Co-workers tells me they’re building what looks like horse stables in the vacant lot at the corner of Vermont and Wilshire (SE corner)." If perhaps you were hoping this would be an example of someone creatively using an empty lot, you would be...sort of right. After racing down to the site this afternoon, sugar cubes in hand, we can report that it's a set for "Cold Case." And the site is actually between two buildings adjacent to the planned mall site. Filming will start next week. [Curbed InBox]

HOLLYWOOD: Hey, hey, Gatsby, how are sales going? "8 units out of 13 are in escrow," a rep for the unique-looking townhome development at Wilcox and Fountain tells us. In July, we were told five of the 12 units (apparently one has been added) were in escrow. Any more price drops? Nope. Onwards and upwards, Gatsby. [Curbed Staff]