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Farmers' Market Redesign Contest: Winners Announced

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Angelenos sure do love their farmers' markets. When GOOD magazine put out the call for its Redesign Your Farmers’ Market contest (with the most phallic logo since the Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies), 65 entries were submitted from near and far. Yesterday, the 22 finalists chosen by ten judges were exhibited at the City Hall farmer's market and a winner (pictured above) was announced.

And the winner is:

Farm on Wheels
A mobile vending concept consisting of a fleet of electric trucks dispatched from three permanent markets to disperse fresh produce more effectively in Los Angeles.
Mia Lehrer + Associates
Mia Lehrer, Astrid Diehl and Zhihang Luo
Los Angeles, CA

First runner up:
The New City Center of Urban Farming
A permanent farmers’ market hub in Hollywood that makes the farm experience visible to urban residents with vending, greenhouses, social programs and educational facilities.
im Studio mi/LA
I. Mazzoleni with S. Price, H. Portillo, L. Donggun, S. Proudian, L. Castro, R. Molina
Los Angeles, CA

Second runner up:
The Urban Field Farm Stop
An urban distribution system that uses existing channels of mass transit and bus stops to sell produce in L.A.
are reinvented as individual Farm Stops within this citywide Urban Field network.”
BCV Architects
Christian von Ecksartsberg, Javier Medina, Megan Hannon, Laura Denton, Colin Alley
San Francisco, CA

Third runner up:
Hydroponic Farm(ers Market)
A site-specific concept for a hydroponic farm in San Francisco that harvests fog to feed a growing population.
Michael Leung
San Francisco, CA

See the rest of the entries here.
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