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They Have a Plan

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The Associated General Contractors of America unveiled a new plan today to revive the beleaguered construction industry, which they say has been the hardest hit sector of the economy. Entitled "Build Now for the Future: A Blueprint for Economic Growth," the plan calls for government incentives, tax cuts, policy revisions, and infrastructure investments. The blueprint's primary focus, according to a press release, is stimulating new private-sector construction. Sandy Sandherr, the AGCA's CEO, writes, "new incentives on global investment in real estate [are] needed to make it easier for international investors to put Americans back to work... the plan also calls for doubling federal investments in transportation infrastructure." According to a recent story in The New York Times, "roughly 500,000 of [California's] job losses have been in construction, finance, real estate and industries related to construction." [Associated General Contractors of America]