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Slightly-Delayed West Hollywood Orb Landing Soon

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Back in May, and as part of a story about Los Angeles public art, the New York Times reported that California-based artist Piero Golia would place a glowing orb atop West Hollywood's Standard Hotel. The sphere, which will light up only when Golia is in town, was supposed to be installed earlier this year, so where it is? Blame production delays, according to the backers of the project. "It'll be installed before the end of the year," writes architect Peter Zellner, who is collaborating on the project (the whole thing is spearheaded by LA ART and ForYourArt), in an email. According to Zellner, the shaft structure is made of aluminum and the globe part is made of custom -formed acrylic. As far as the bit about it lighting up when Golia is in town....seriously? (Even the Mayor can't get that kind of play!) "Seriously," writes Zellner. "He travels a lot- to Europe but he's here a few weeks a month on and off." This piece follows that other big West Hollywood project, the LED-filled Sunset Boulevard sculpture.
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