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12-Story Wetherly Project Approved By City Council

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Today the City Council approved Genton Barth Real Estate Group's Wetherly project, a 12-story development that'll bring 95 condos to the corner of 3rd Street and Wetherly Drive. Given earlier resistance to the project by neighborhood groups, we had been wondering if anyone would sue, but the Los Angeles Times reports that Councilman Paul Koretz helped broker a compromise between some of the homeowner groups and the developer. Initially, Harald Hahn, president of the Burton Way Foundation, had been very vocal about the project's height, which has now dropped to 12 stories. Reached last night, he told us he had no comment on the project. Meanwhile, per a press rep for Koretz's office, some of the concessions made by the developer include 48 units of Cedars Sinai workforce housing (at another location), and a donation to the West Third Street Business Association for the implementation of a streetscape program and public valet program. And as noted last week, the architect here is RTKL.

· L.A. City Council OKs 12-story Westside condo near Beverly Center [LA Times]