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Denari's Office on WME's New Space: Nothing Is Clear

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Nothing like some architecture and talent agent drama to clear your palette of all those Chapter 11 stories: Earlier this year, WME's Entertainment's Ari Emanuel kicked Gensler off the interiors job at the forthcoming WME space at that new building on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, hiring architect Neil Denari (NMDA) instead (Emanuel had previously worked with Denari). Then The Wrap reported last week that Emanuel had found a lease loophole to get out of the building (Gensler is also the project architect) altogether. So where does that leave Denari? Via a press rep for the architecture firm: "NMDA is the interiors architect of WME but the project has been put on hold until the site issue has been settled." Asked if WME was indeed out of the Beverly Drive building, the rep wrote back: "Nothing is clear at this time." [Image via Orhan Ayyüce]
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