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Rent Check: A Modern in Martin Stern's Encino Village

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Architect Martin Stern Jr. pretty much invented contemporary Vegas: his The International (now the Las Vegas Hilton) and original MGM Grand were the first megaresorts and some of the first high-rises in the city. But before all that he designed a different sort of sanitized experience: a planned community on the former RKO Encino Ranch. Encino Village was built in the mid-50s and has 400 houses in four different styles--traditional, ranch, transitional, and modern. For rent is one of the three bedroom, one and a half bathroom moderns, right on the edge of Balboa Park. It has a screened patio, eat in kitchen, washer and dryer, and two car garage. Rent is $2,395, deposit is two months rent.
· 3br - Mid-Century Modern in Encino Village (Encino) [Craigslist]