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CurbedWire: Solar Culver City Church, Drinks on 1200 Sweetzer

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CULVER CITY: The people behind solar panel company SolarCity, headquartered on Jefferson, like to send in photos of their latest work. Last time, it was solar for Lancaster oldies. Now we get a photo of panels going up atop Culver City’s Grace Lutheran Church, an event that took place yesterday. "Prius-driving church Pastor Jim (James S. Maines) was on hand for the completion by SolarCity installers," writes the rep. "Grace Lutheran has long been green. The church recycles everything from soda cans to ink cartridges, and car pooling is encouraged." Good work, church. [Curbed InBox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Wine and cheese cubes await you at 1200 Sweetzer. Tomorrow night from 6-9 pm, there is a free party and tour of the colorful townhome development that's been talked about quite a bit on the site. Last check, units ranged from 1,1410 square feet to 2,000 square feet, and prices ranged from $799,000 to $1.449 million. [Curbed InBox]