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Trying to Pretty Up All Recession, Empty Spots

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Via AN
There have been a rash of stories lately about how to fill up all those empty storefronts and lots created by the recession. First, the Palm Springs City Council is considering a storefront improvement program to fill the storefronts with art, a move that isn't entirely embraced by some storeowners. More via the Desert Sun: "Under a new ordinance, the owners of vacant commercial properties must either bring their own storefront display ideas before the Palm Springs Architectural Advisory Committee for review, or have the city propose a display at no cost as a part of the new storefront program." Related: Check out what's going on in London: The New York Times reported on Sunday on efforts by a London artist to temporarily turn empty storefronts and other spaces into art galleries. Via the NYT: "Galleries have sprung up throughout the country, and particularly in London, in spots as varied as shopping mall outlets, a scooter showroom and a video store." Additionally, the Architect's Newspaper blog reported that in San Francisco, an architecture firm has been asked by the mayor to transform two vacant lots into a spaces that'll offer galleries, pop-up stores, and more.
· Palm Springs council mulls window dressing [Desert Sun]