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Councilman Zine Looks to Ban Roaming Billboards

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City News Service is reporting that the Councilman Dennis Zine is now going after mobile billboards, the ones that drive around the city and typically advertise strip clubs or liquor (and apparently hardware stores). "In his motion, filed yesterday, Zine asked the City Attorney and officials in the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to analyze the legality of a ban on mobile billboards, and present a draft ordinance." According to CNS, there have been past attempts to control the proliferation of these type of roving billboards, but those efforts have been met with--what else?-- legal challenges.

Las Vegas also has been pondering whether to rein in its roaming billboards, reports the Las Vegas Sun. "Motorists and cabdrivers complain about the signs-on-wheels clogging traffic. Critics say the signs are creating air and eye pollution without serving any transportation purpose.

But proponents of the mobile billboards counter that they serve a vital economic purpose, helping to beat back the recession by creating jobs and providing fairly inexpensive and effective advertising for businesses." Meanwhile, the paper also reports that West Hollywood has successfully banned mobile billboards.
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