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Save the Golfers

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As the Los Angeles Times covered earlier this week, there's a big hubbub over golf carts at the city's parks because the city can't get it together to award a contract to a golf cart company, meaning golfers have to use old, dangerous carts. In some instance, the carts have "brakes that fail and steering wheels that veer in a particular direction," according to the Times. With the vote tomorrow, the press releases are flying! Just like the golfers. Via the InBox: "Craig Kessler, executive director of the Public Links Golf Association for Southern California, is urging the city to pick the recommended candidate, noting that "the public has suffered for 6 ½ years and has had to endure dilapidated golf carts." We have yet to receive a press release from the opposition--in this case, Service Employees International Union Local 721. [LA Times]